Microphone Wireless System 3 – Dual Wireless


Our microphone systems are designed to suit for up to 150 – 250 guests, suitable for presentations, weddings ceremonies birthdays & announcements, as well as performers such as vocalist, and musicians. Also included is an ipod lead which you can easily use your ipod, phone or laptop to play music.

You can add additional speakers any of these systems to double the power and audience coverage. Additional microphones are also available.

Please choose the appropriate microphone package to suit your event. If none of the packages below suit please contact us to help customise the right microphone system for you.

2 x Speakers
1 x Wireless  x 2 (choose either handhelds, lapels, headsets or a combo eg. 1 x handheld 1 x lapel)
1 x Audio Mixing Desk
1 x  Ipod Audio connection cable