Tripod 100″ Projector Screen


This 100” portable tripod screen provides high visual impact for groups up to 200. Easy setup & Portable. Includes one-piece 100” screen attached to tripod stand.

  • Very Portable
  • No Technician Required
  • Easy Set Up
  • Front Projection Only
  • Aspect Ratio 4:3

Tripod can be easily detached from the screen via a rotating lock, make the screen easier to carry in two pieces. The position and height of the screen can be freely adjusted. Made of flexible matte white material suitable for all main stream projectors.

100″ diagonal 4:3 screen format offers 80″x60″ viewing area. Steady and portable tripod installation design, convenient for setting up. Ideal for computer, video, slide and overhead projection in the office, classroom or outside.

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