We are a full-time DJ Company based in Auckland and we have been in the business since 1999. When it comes to Birthday Party DJ Auckland, rest assured that you are talking with the best. We understand that music is one of the key factors to having a fantastic and memorable night, which is why we always make sure that our technical equipment and systems are always up to date. As for our music, we got the old-school beats as well as hottest party jams of today and tomorrow. So whether it be a 21st or 50th, we have done them all.

With our highly experienced team of DJs you can be assured we will provide you with the right type of music for your birthday. If you are having your 21st and wanting the latest club bangers we have you covered as most of our dj’s are also club djs. Or if you having a 50th and wanting a bit off the classics, our extensive music library and experienced dj’s will have the floor rocking all night.

We understand that there may be a wide range in music taste from guests so we are more than happy to take requests. With our experience we have the knowledge to play the right type of songs at the right time making your birthday a memorable one.

DJ Outlet is a full time DJ business, not just a part-time hobby. We work with our clients right from the start to the end, our aim is to ensure our clients have a stress free fun night, knowing your in safe hands with our professional DJs.

Why Choose DJ Outlet


We will come dressed appropriately for your event, and also arrive at the venue in advance to set up the equipment so everything is ready to go before your guests arrive.

Reliable DJs

You can be assured our DJs will arrive on time well prepared and ready to ROCK your party. We have never cancelled on any of our clients

Great Service

Our DJs are friendly, approachable and happy to take your music request on the night. Give us a call if you have any questions, we are happy to help 09 390 0118


With over 20 Years in the Mobile and Club DJ industry, we have the experience to know what music works for all types of events.

The Music Knowledge (Birthday Party DJ Auckland)

Having 100,000 music titles doesn’t really mean much. What matters is knowing the right music to play and when to play it. We have all the party classics from the 70s 80s 90s + all the popular Top 40 charts songs that are known by everyone. Not everyone who is celebrating their birthdays will have the same music taste, certainly not. It’s all about your music, your choice.


We love what we do and take pride in every single event, from setting up to making sure everyone at your event has a good time. It’s not just another gig for us.

DJ Outlet has been providing outstanding DJ services since 1999. The company stood the test of time and continues to bring her clients unparalleled services  by which the company is widely known for.

We would love to hear from you. We have the music that lasts forever.

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